Some of Moey’s favorites. Paintings and multimedia pieces. Prints available. Use my “contact me” page if interested in anything.

Another design that I came up with to help spread Pineal Cyst/Tumor Awareness. This one would make a great tattoo. 😉
Not Today -acrylic and glass on canvas
Up, Up, and Away -acrylic and glass on canvas
Acrylic pour
Acrylic pour
Acrylic pour
Storm – Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic pour
Stained Heart -Acrylic on canvas
Hummingbirds – Acrylic on canvas
Hummingbirds-negative filter
Fungi Inferno -Acrylic on canvas
Blood Thirsty -Pencil on paper
Peace Out –Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic/multimedia on canvas
Acrylic pour on canvas

Pineal Explosion- acrylic and glass pieces on canvas
“Eternally Playful” acrylic on canvas