Back to Charleston- 1 year later…

December 10th was my one-year cranioversary! One entire year since surgery! What!? What a year it has been. I flew to Charleston for my one year post op visit. Exactly one year after the day of brain surgery, I got to visit one of the beaches that we went to last year. Only it was different this time. Such a bittersweet moment. Emotions hadn’t gotten to me until I stood at the water’s edge and reflected on what this last year has taught me and how much things have changed. I cried. Ugly cried. But it felt fantastic. I shed my pain and sent my salty tears back home to the ocean. I’m healing. Of course I spread free art and awareness all along my trip. Everywhere I went someone learned what a Pineal Tumor is and how serious they can be. Crazy how strangers understand more than most medical professionals. My appointment went well. No new growth had shown up. I still have a few lingering issues: brain fatigue, vision issues, some tremors, hardware pain and loose screw (literally). But it is to be expected and, overall, I stronger and healthier. I’m making progress every day. Even on the days I feel like I have slid backwards and just can’t. I’m learning how to embrace my new self. Progress not perfection is the name of the game. I’m excited to see what this next year brings.


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