So sorry that Moey has been relatively MIA for a while. I have been struggling with accepting a few things since brain surgery. It is difficult to explain to someone what it is like to go through such a procedure and what all the tumor took away from me. Not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This picture evokes a lot of emotion. I feel, often times, as if I am a shadow version of my old self. Parts are still there, below the surface, but struggle to come into the light. I feel grainy and scrambled. Always searching for my footing so I can feel sturdy and sure again. Finding motivation to create has been tough for me these last few months. Vision issues and tremors and depression and balance issues and and and…

BUT, I can feel a shift! I have been broken into pieces by this brain tumor and craniotomy. Recovery is brutal. But if I get to put my pieces together, then I get to decide what pieces go back and what new pieces I have room for. Lots has been happening. There are new photos from my trips to Chicago, brain injury induced rantings, new awareness stickers designs, a new #pinealslaptheworld movement, new Etsy and Threadless store items, and new ideas for art projects flowing around in this crazy brain of mine. Stay tuned!

Where words fail… art shall speak.

Life is a journey. Art is my guide. Come along!


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